Verant has announced that they will offset the new lower prices of EverQuest with a brand new full-priced expansion. This ensures everyone gets a good healthy ass-screwing while loyal customers still get to remember fondly on the ass-screwings they can call their own. Everyone's favorite VI press release distributor Castersrealm was quick to tell you absolutely no new information.
Caster's Realm quote:
And hot news it is. But only if you can read between the lines (yes we are FULLY aware there was only one line of news.) See the addition of a new planet is not just a cheap trick to make the new continent seem more amazing and worthwhile. Because their is NO WAY you could have called Kunark a new planet and have nothing about the game change AT ALL. Nope. No sir. It is actually just step forward in bringing EQ into it's final form: Star Wars Online.

Remember all those promises that the SWO team was not slowing the EQ team one bit? Well it is pretty hard to have 2 effects on the same product huh? If this overwhelming evidence does not convince you just wait for the new playable race described as a tall, mechanically inclined dog-people. Or don't believe us. But watch who is laughing when you walk into your local CompUSSR and scream "That's not an expansion, that's a base station!"

In related news UO and AC both have plans to add more free content.
Well, this trade skill TASTES useful

While not enforcing a strict control over the office furniture of Japan (some drugs guns and stuff too, but mostly the office furniture) the Yakuza have gone and coded yet another bizarrely stupid game "feature."

Now food will have stat effects. So who thinks the stupidly bizarre people over at VI have been watching a bit too much Boomerang? I'm strong to the finich 'cause I right-click my spinach, I'm Ivenous the Sailor man!
Goodnight ladies and gentletrolls and all rafts at sea
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it will contain at least one new race and planet.

We will be sure to post new information as soon as it comes to hand! In the meantime you can discuss the hot news here.