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Storm Team Update
The two sweetest words in the english language
We wandered into Growth for no good reason and several people had the benefit of being the only people who were strange enough to play a wizard or a Monk, and thus were able to get those drops. Tunare may be good, but she doesn't seem to have a very healthy sense of competition.
Jantiz Got some spiffy looking digs. Just the thing for a Kung fu tailor.
Certain wizards also leveraged their unique ability to exist into some nice booty.
Congratulations guys you deserve it.
Water helps plants grow and come back from the dead
Enfer (That's right. No last name. The line starts at the third gate ladies!) Got the Water Sprinkler of Nebulous Angst, which allows him to bring whiny grunge teenagers to their senses by splashing them in the face or something. Ragefire, in all his forms, is a complete wuss and I heartily encourage all other guilds to kill him and then send me an email about exactly what time he died.
GM's can find the dark side too
A special thanks to Flechette for livening up a really dull camp with some parlor tricks and a nice pair of…er…racial changes.
Ragefire Gallery
Come.  Live vicariously through the storm:
Iven's Knob of the Week Award
This week our Knob comes from the giant ice-skating park that is Velk's Lab. Smart PvP players often try to take out the cleric first. Mestema bucks such stogy thinking by first going for the guy in a robe holding a shovel. who is out of his level range. And not anon. Sure, it didn't work out for him THIS time but I'm sure the tactic will be immortalized in a book some day. Or am I thinking of the healing?
EVAC!!!!!!!!!!!Goodnight ladies and...