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If we don’t kill the customer. . . Someone else will
Well, we have been gone for a while now and apparently disappointing fans we never knew we had.  God bless Crossteaming; you meet such interesting people.  So lets go ahead and take care of a few housekeeping tasks. 
First off be aware that there is a PIRATEnews chat channel for your use.  PIRATEnews:plank .  We fully expect that it will be filled with fun and frivolity and hookers whenever you are not logged in.  Please enjoy it.  Or don’t.  It’s not like I’m ever online anymore. . .   Anyway here’s some of the great mature chat that you can emulate to fit in better.
OK, next order of business is the slightly re-organized version of PIRATEnews.  We went ahead and registered a domain for no damn reason but the server’s having ISS-ues so for now email goes to ivenous@PIRATEnews.net but the columns will appear exclusively at www.torrentvz.com.
PIRATEnews is now basically what it was all along: A place for our meaningless ramblings and other crap.  If you are only interested in keeping current on Torrent and raids and things like that just skip over PIRATEnews.  Ciliz is most defiantly the person that will want to be contacted about stuff like that.  PIRATEnews is now more of a rented column
         Which is not to say that we are just going to take it easy now.  In fact we are introducing all new features here at PIRATEnews.  The first of which is a little feature we like to call “FEEL THE LOVE!”  There is so much love floating around torrent that we just can’t hold it all in.  We’ll still bring you the Emmy award winning “Knob of the Week Award” “Random screenshots ©” and the “Photoshopped crap” you have come to know and love.  Our current plan is to start covering General Everquest news, but we know you’ve heard that before.
Your Call Is...http://news.piratenews.net/pretendwe/givea/fuck.html
Feel The Love!...Well that’s it...